International Day of Forests



The International Day of Forests celebrates and raises awareness of the diversity and importance of forests for human development, particularly for protection, sustainable development and energy. This day is celebrated annually on 21st March. Forests have provided many benefits for humans, especially from the use of wood, which can be a source of renewable energy, trees which cool the ground with shade, and ecosystem services which provide support for livelihoods and provide clean water, energy and air. Essentially, forests contribute significantly to the health and survival of humans.

The 2018 theme for International Day of Forests is “Forests and Sustainable Cities

This year, the theme for International Day of Forests highlights the importance of incorporating natural resources and forests in development of cities and urban areas. Trees provide shade which keeps the cities and towns cool, filters the air by removing harmful pollutants, and stores carbon which helps to mitigate the effects of climate change. Forests also help to filter and regulate water and stabilise soil. Greenspace in urban areas provides aesthetic and mental health benefits as well.


What Can You Do?

In Saint Lucia, the Forestry Department will be airing a nature documentary which the public is encouraged to look out for. Citizens are also encouraged to plant trees, avoid deforestation, keep the environment clean and develop a greater appreciation for nature and local forests by hiking and touring in a sustainable manner.

International Day of Forests