La Wòz (La Rose) Festival



In Saint Lucia there are two flower festivals celebrated annually. Namely the La Rose (La Wòz) and La Marguerite (La Magwit) festivals. These flower festivals are celebrated with processions to a church for service before proceeding to parade through the community and ending at a central location for a Grand Fete. The flower communities in Saint Lucia are animated and further enlivened by the accompanying music which is reminiscent of lively African beats and rousing melody, while the lead singer (Chanteur/Chantwelle) delivers spirited renditions through the proceedings. The flower communities often host séances for weeks prior to the Grand Séance on the feast day. The community dresses up in costumes depicting a King, Queen, princes, princesses, doctors, nurses, soldiers, lawyers, judges etc.

On 25th August the Cultural Development Foundation hosted an evening of splendor in the form of a Grans Séance in Rodney Bay from 5:00 p.m. in celebration of La Wòz. This event featured many performances, dance classes and traditional foods by La Wòz groups. Additionally, on 26th August the Laborie La Rose society hosted a Gwan Spèctak LaWòz at the Laborie Market Square. This was held under the theme “Jan Lawòz pwan douvan avan douvan pwan: Climate change is real. Let us ACT NOW!”. The event was organised in collaboration with the Laborie Cooperative Credit Union and the Laborie Development Foundation, with musical entertainment provided by the Laborie Steel Orchestra, Laborie School of Folk Music, Manmay Lakay, and Ms. Raymonese and the “Chak-chak” Band. Another La Wòz feast day celebration took place on 30th August in the village of Micoud. The parade proceeded to St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Mon Repos for the service at 10:00 a.m. before continuing through the community in the usual lively manner. The culture of  Saint Lucian society is very vibrant and there are several opportunities to share in them and carry on the traditions. Let us as a Saint Lucian society continue to support events like these which celebrate our culture! Viv La Wòz!

La Wòz Festival