World Water Day



Water is essential for life and World Water Day on 22nd March celebrates this essential aspect of every person’s life. Despite its importance, water is often underappreciated and wasted in some communities, while there is a scarcity of clean water in others. The need to develop ways to conserve water and ensure its equitable distribution have been global challenges for many years. Celebrating World Water Day is a way of raising awareness about these challenges and encouraging public participation in developing solutions.


This year’s World Water Day theme is “‘Nature for Water’ – exploring nature-based solutions to the water challenges we face in the 21st century.”


The 2018 theme for World Water Day reminds us that the quantity and quality of water for human consumption is affected by the environment and ecosystems. Damage to the environment as a result of climate change and neglecting ecosystems, has led to degradation of soil, vegetation, rivers and lakes. Actions incorporating nature-based solutions for these issues should be pursued to maintain an effective water cycle and improve water quality.


What Can You Do?

There are several actions which each individual can take to improve water quality not only for themselves but also for all those who use water in the environment. Some suggestions include:

  • Dispose of hazardous household waste appropriately, including light bulbs, automotive fluids and electronics
  • Use native plant species for landscaping to reduce erosion
  • Avoid clogging drains, especially with litter and grass clippings
  • Use environmentally-friendly fertilisers appropriately

In Saint Lucia, the Department of Water Resource Management will be airing a panel discussion on the theme for World Water Day 2018, on 22nd March. This can be viewed on the Government Information Service (GIS) Programme.

World Water Day