Are you looking for simple ways to support Saint Lucia’s climate change resilience efforts? Have you ever wondered about how you can make your rainwater safer?

The following information which was published in the DVRP Resilience Newsletter – Volume 6, Issue 2/ April to June 2019 provides an update on the ongoing rainwater harvesting initiatives in Saint Lucia:

“Rainwater Harvesting for Resilience and Adaptation

Across the region, including for countries like Saint Lucia, rainwater harvesting has been recognized as a vital climate change adaptation measure. Rainwater harvesting systems provide an independent source of water to households by installation of a simple system to collect and store rainwater from roof tops. Rainwater can be used for typical household applications, and with the right treatment can also be used for drinking (potable water). In addition to reducing pressure on the public water supply, rainwater harvesting systems provide important climate change-resilience measures by offering a back-up water supply when WASCO’s supply may be impacted by natural disasters, such as drought, hurricanes, floods or other impacts.

Through the DVRP, consultant Lester Arnold has developed a Training Manual, Supporting Water Conservation and Use of Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) in Saint Lucia which formed the basis of the 4-day training. The Manual covers components and design of rainwater harvesting systems in detail, treatment options and maintenance requirements.

A copy of the manual can be accessed by clicking here.

Introducing the first-flush device

While the 4-day training was focused on rainwater harvesting systems for non-potable applications, a key objective of the training workshop was to introduce contractors and plumbers to safety measures in rainwater harvesting, more particularly use of the first-flush device. The first-flush device diverts the first flows of rainwater from the roof which washes away the majority of impurities so that the overall quality of rainwater collected is higher.”

Climate change is happening and you can build your resilience by adopting climate smart measures and encouraging others in your community to do the same. So be smart about dealing with climate change by investing in safe rainwater harvesting systems for your home and business place.

Building Climate Resilience with Rainwater Harvesting Systems
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