ASK – Always Seek Knowledge. What an interesting and practical mnemonic for a technique we can all use to increase our knowledge! In today’s world we are bombarded with information which is accessible via so many mediums. But one thing is still necessary to obtain information from some sources. Yes, we still need to ask for the information we need. Google for example will provide us with various sources of information, but we still need to request the information that we need in the search bar.

The Saint Lucia Country Office of the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (GEF SGP UNDP) started November 2018 with a bang when it announced that the First Knowledge Fair in Saint Lucia will be held on 10th and 11th December 2018. This announcement was made at a launch ceremony held at the Castries City Hall Auditorium on 1st November 2018.

What does GEF SGP UNDP have to do with knowledge?

Speaking about asking, one might ask, what does GEF SGP UNDP, a grants programme, have to do with ‘knowledge’? Well, guess what, the GEF SGP UNDP may have predicted that you would request this information and so the knowledge fair is actually referred to as ‘The People’s Knowledge Fair’. The theme that seems to drive the outputs we can expect from this knowledge ‘a healthy journey, from the soil and water to the palate’.

What exactly is going to happen at this knowledge fair?

On the first day, the organisers promise to convene a public forum where citizens from all over the country will display material and have discussions with individuals on the topic ‘Healthy Soils and Water, Healthy Food, Healthy People and Healthy Economy’. And just so that individuals who are not able to enjoy the experience first hand do not miss out on an opportunity to increase their knowledge, the entire day’s proceedings will be broadcast live! In the afternoon of the first day, the ‘Declaration of Castries’ will be signed and submitted to our decision makers thereafter.

Want to know what this Declaration Castries is all about? Don’t worry we’ll find out and we’ll keep you posted.

On morning of the second day, several 15 to 20 minutes presentations will be made at the Castries City Hall Auditorium, By the way, the City Hall big up so much now it even has air condition, so you can enjoy the presentations in comfort. The presenters will deliver information on topics such as climate change, climate smart agriculture, community entrepreneurship, and research and innovation ideas. And of course, as we learned at the onset, to increase our knowledge we need to seek it out and ask questions. Therefore, this session will satisfy this thirst for knowledge because the presentations will be followed by question and discussion sessions.

But that’s not all! We are told that indigenous music will be played at constitution park during the knowledge fair and our very own Ronald Boo Hinkson and Friends will present a four hour show along with a jingle that he composed with De Invader. 

What more can we say, the GEF SGP UNDP surely plans to close the year with jingles! So do yourself a favor, while they jingle, visit the knowledge fair and ask away!

Oh and don’t forget, keep following us so you can find out more about the Declaration of Castries when we get our hands on the information on what it’s all about.

GEF SGP UNDP 2018 Knowledge Fair Launched!